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Uniforms & Accessories

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Kathleen Nadeau of the Creators Hand

Local to the St. Louis Area.

See her exquisite work on display at the St. Charles County Heritage Museum


The Historical Hat Lady

Local to Liberty (Kansas City Area), MO

Complete Uniforms and Hats



Offering a wide selection of 18th century clothing and items.

G Gedney Godwin, Inc.

Offering a wide variety of products and clothing.

C & D Jarnagin Co. Inc.

Offering 18th century clothing and accessories.

Just Two Tailors

Offering off-the-rack and custom designed clothing.


Offering 18th century footwear.

Avalon Forge

Offering Colonial goods and tools.

Smiling Fox Forge

Offering clothing and iron goods.

MinuteMan Armoury

Offering fine historical replica items.

Uniforms of the American Revolution

Site managed by the Sons of the American Revolution California that lists 70 Regiments, Militias, and Groups of both the American and British forces.

American Heritage Clothing

Specializing in American & British Revolutionary War uniforms.

Collector's Armoury, Ltd.

Specializing in Colonial weapon replicas.

Middlesex Village Trading Co.

We are a small, family operated business that supplies replica historic weapons and accessories to the living history, collector and museum trades.


Veteran Arms, LLC

Affordable reproduction arms from the muzzleloading era.

Kings Forge and Muzzleloading

Blacksmith and Armorer for the public, our military, television and movie productions, as well as major sports enterprises.

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