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Historic Boone Home - Defiance, Missouri

Photographed By Devry Becker Jones (CC0), March 22, 2021

Bringing History to Life

The Historic Boone Home is nestled upon the rolling hills of wine country and overlooks the Femme Osage Valley. This beautiful setting represents life in the early 1800s and brings the legacy of Daniel Boone to life. Within the thick limestone walls, stories of a daring man offer a glimpse into family matters, risky adventures and hard-fought battles.

In April 2016, The Historic Daniel Boone Home and surrounding property in Defiance was gifted to the people of St. Charles County by Lindenwood University. The home and property now is called The Historic Daniel Boone Home at Lindenwood Park.

The nearly 300-acre site includes The Historic Daniel Boone Home, adjoining Village historic site, and surrounding property. The County continues to operate the Village complex, including the Boone Home, as a tourist site. The dozen buildings in the village originated from within 50 miles of the property. The general store, schoolhouse and grist mill offer a peek into life on the Missouri frontier.

The mission of the Boone Home and village is to provide a center that fully integrates learning on all education levels; preserves and protects the historical structures, collections and natural resources that comprise the facility; and interprets the early American frontier experience in Missouri as exemplified by the Boone family and their contemporaries.

Learn More:  Visit the Historic Boone Home Website Here

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