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John Garland

Known Children

  1. James Garland

  2. Mary Garland

  3. Daniel Garland

  4. Abigail Garland

  5. Sally Garland

  6. Lavinia Garland

  7. John Garland

  1. Jesse Garland

  2. Nathaniel Garland

  3. John Franklin Garland

  4. Hannah Garland

  5. Jeremiah Garland

  6. Josiah Garland


John Garland was a Private in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment of the Continental Army.  He mustered in on May 10,1777 and fought at the Battles of Hubbardton, Saratoga, Monmouth, and the Sullivan's Expedition against the loyalists and Iroquois.  He also wintered at Valley Forge with George Washington.  He was discharged on May 10, 1780.

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