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Isaac Ross

Known Children

  1. David Ross

  2. Experience Ross

  3. Ichabod Ross

  4. Mary Ross

  5. James Thomas Ross

  6. John Ross

  7. William Ross

  8. Daniel Montgomery Ross

  9. Isaac Ross

  10. Benjamin Ross

  11. Josua Ross

  12. Caleb Ross

  13. Ann Ross

  14. Susanna Ross

  15. Thomas Ross


While living in Essex Co., NJ, Isaac Ross enlisted in the militia in 1776 and served a variety of short terms until 1781. His total time in service was at least three years and he received a pension for his service (W4575). During the war, Isaac saw action at the Battle of Monmouth and two other unnamed skirmishes.

After the war, Isaac resided in New York forapproximately 3 years; then in Maryland for 10-12 years; then Virginia for about 3 years; and then to Greene County, Pennsylvania. Isaac Ross died at the home of his son-in-law, Nathan Helmick, in South Bend, Indiana.

For more information contact John Rush.

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