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Abraham Kittle Sr.

Known Children

  1. Appolonia

  2. Jacob

  3. Elizabeth

  4. Herbert Richard

  5. Moses

  6. Jan

  7. Daniel C.

  8. Ingra

  9. Engeltje

  10. Abraham Jr.


The following is a record of Abraham Kittle's war records, according to his sworn statement:

He served as a private in the German Regiment from the time of his enlistment until the Battle of Tarrytown when his regiment was reduced to fifteen men. He was then transfered to the 2nd Maryland Regiment under colonel John Stewart. He was in a battle on General Sullivan's Expedition on the Western Frontier, in the Battle of Green Springs, Virginia, in a battle against the "Black Corps of Horse" in south Carolina.

He was detached from his regiment and sent on two voyages to the Tangier Islands; returned to his regiment and particpated in the Battle of Yorktown in which his left arm was wounded and broken by a cannon ball from the enemy. He was discharged at the close of the Revolutionary War at Annapolis, Maryland in 1783.

For more information contact Keith Morris.

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