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Israel Ward

Known Children

  1. Elias Ward

  2. Ebenezer Ward

  3. Morris Ward

  4. Jemima Ward

  5. John Ward

  6. George Ward

  7. Charles Ward


srael Ward enlisted in the New Jersey militia in 1778, when he was fifteen. It is believed that he served in his uncle's company; his uncle also named Israel Ward. Israel was in the Battle of Springfield and several other skirmishes. He received a pension for his services (S3438).

In 1811, Israel Ward moved from New Jersey, to Madisonville, Ohio, where his father and brothers had been living since 1797. Israel took his old war musket with him and it is said by his descendants that he always kept the bayonet fixed in position for hand to hand combat. Israel Ward died and was buried in Madisonville, Ohio.

For more information contact John Rush.

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