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William Hoge

Known Children

  1. James Hoge

  2. William Hoge

  3. Solomon Hoge

  4. George Hoge

  5. Joseph Hoge

  6. Zebulon Hoge

  7. Ann Hoge


William Hoge was a Quaker farmer who represented Buck Co., PA, in the Pennsylvania legislature from 1752-1756 where he played a minor role. He resigned because the French and Indian War caused conflict with his religious beliefs of nonviolence. Following the death of his wife, William Hoge remarried and moved back to Virginia. In 1777, he was disciplined for taking his hat off to gain favor from a court-martial concerning an application he was making. Such a show of respect to secular power was forbidden. In 1782 he received payment for beef that was furnished to the colonial army.

For a more detailed biography of William Hoge found in "Lawmaking and Legislators in Pennsylvania: A Biographical Dictionary", vol. 2, pp. 500-503.

For more information contact John Rush.

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